How To Survive Hot Yoga


I love hot yoga because I hate working out. But I love having worked out, and I also love yoga. But ain't nobody got time for both of those. So after my first hot yoga class, I was sold. Two in one? Plus, if I go at 6am, I've tricked myself into church and the gym before my body really knows what's happened. 


Everything's impossible until it's done. Right? Here's how to survive sweating from every pore with a room of strangers, and possibly even enjoy it.


1) Bring water

But don't drink it too fast. Little sips so you're not upside down sloshing around. Pro tip– use a stainless steel bottle so your water stays cool even when the room heats up.


2) And a towel

You'll slip and slide all over a regular mat in a hot class, so you'll need a mat-sized yoga towel that you can put down for grip.


3) Or a special mat

You could also do a hot yoga mat instead of a towel, which is designed to absorb the sweat as you go. (I use both.) Check out this article, reviewing the best hot yoga mats of 2017. Note - you'll definitely still need a towel to dry off with, but it could be any size or type. 


4) Don't worry

When your kneecaps start to sweat. If everyone else in the room isn't dead yet, you can do it too. 


5) Level down

Child's pose or just standing is actually totally fine if you need a break. Also taking a step outside is really normal - the perks of the yogi non-judgement zone.



Namaste a while.

Namaste a while.