Think Dirty (Get Clean)

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I was inspired a little over a year ago to clean up my beauty act. Your skin absorbs 80% of everything put on it, and it turns out there's not a lot of (or any) protection between us and the grocery store shelf. After watching The Human Experiment, and being sufficiently freaked out, I did my own research on the level of scary stuff that I didn't think was legally allowed to be in the products I was using.


The bad news was almost everything I'd been buying was pretty damn toxic. The good news was there was a whole sector of cosmetics and home products that were perfectly safe, easy to get, and the same price point as what I'd been buying. I just needed to change where I shopped, and be equipped with a tool that could help me sort the clean from the dirty.

think dirty

Enter Think Dirty, an amazing app that ranks all of your cosmetics on a scale of 0 to 10, clean to dirty. More importantly, it exposes the levels of carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and immunotoxicity each product contains. So, for those of us on a mission to outlive our parents' generation and have the ability to have our own healthy kids, this stuff hits really close to home. Even if "everything gives you cancer," I decided not to accept that in my house and on my skin- because they're the only two places I have to live. 


The other factor in the equation was changing where I shopped. But as it turns out, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and every other natural grocery store have had our backs this whole time. Everything that passes regulations to be sold in their stores also (almost always) lines up with Think Dirty's safe levels of toxicity (in my book, I'm calling 4-6 good). And it also turns out they carry brands for literally every cosmetic/bath/beauty & home need there is, and saves me a trip to Target where I also buy $160 worth of candles and shoes.


2004 was fun.

2004 was fun.

Elephant in the room: changing up an entire beauty routine is no quick task. But we've been improving our products since we were 13 and frosty eyeshadow was a thing, so I believe in us. The selection of new brands to choose from was overwhelming at first, but there are way fewer than what we'd go through to decide on a new type of body wash at Walgreens, plus trying new stuff is fun.


I'm also planning to document my journey from dirty to clean through each category here (everything from shampoo to perfume to hand soap), in hopes that my trial and error, may alleviate some of yours.


In the meantime, if you're interested check out The Human Experiment, but don't worry too much. Replacing things as they run out is the easiest, most sustainable way to make the switch, and before you know it you'll be squeaky clean.