Trash the Tylenol: 5 Natural Ways to Fight A Cold

turmeric tea

Last week was a very inopportune time to be fighting off a cold, as we packed up life in Denver, said goodbye to family and friends, and U-HAULed 2,000 miles to NYC.


But colds don't usually give af about that kind of stuff. 


They are however, sometimes pretty considerate in other ways. Cold symptoms (or any symptoms) are the body’s alarm system, letting you know exactly what it needs. They also serve a real purpose getting rid of the toxins and other bad juju (clearly not a medical professional) that comes along with having any kind of sickness. (Sneezing, runny nose, coughing, etc.) So, unless it’s prescribed, I do my best to avoid medications that mask those symptoms, so that they can play their specific roles in the healing process.


That said, there are obviously still good reasons to shoot some DayQuil, if prolonging the cold is worth being 100% on your game (a big presentation/you're a professional athlete/rooftop party). 


But if not -- sans meds, here are five go-to, natural ways to beat a cold as quickly as possible. As soon as I feel one coming on, this is my action plan.


1) Prioritize sleep (especially over exercise). 😴

We usually don't have this luxury, but it's what's going to help the most. Go home of you can. Nap if you can. Sleep until your body wakes you up.


2) Drink more water. 💧

No, like 4 times as much as that. Monitor the color (hint: clear) and frequency (hourly) of your pee to be sure you're getting enough. Constipation most often comes from dehydration, and I've found that's one of the very first signs my body gives when it's starting to fight a cold... So give it back the h20 it needs.


3) Switch from coffee to tea. 🍵

Trade coffee for green tea in the morning, to still get a bit of caffeine, then turmeric tea at night. Both boost immunity and have awesome healing properties.


3) Up your Z&C. 🍊

I swear by zinc lozenges and Emergen-C. But I try to limit the latter to two a day, because at 6 grams per serving, I think the sugar content starts to offset the benefits.


4) Slash your sugar. 🍫

Otherwise, cut sugar completely. That little bitch is the number one destroyer of your immune system, and doesn’t give you any nutrition your body needs to heal.


5) Eat vegetables. 🍲

This is the hardest one, because when we're sick all we want is to curl up in a bowl of mac & cheese. But I try to ask myself, what am I actually getting from this? For keeping inflammation down and nourishment up, your depleted immune system will thank you. Also, by keeping fiber intake high (veggies) + tons of water, you're more like stay regular and keep toxins moving through. So since we're not about to cook right now, here are my fave soul warming buys that are both holistic & delicious (and you can get at almost any grocery store).


Happy healing. 🙏🏼✨