Plants: A Love Story; Part 1

From January through March of 2016, Kevin and I went cold turkey vegan. We adopted a whole-food, plant-based diet – which basically means eating food that 1) comes from a plant and 2) is an ingredient itself (i.e. potato, vs. potato chip– although both are vegan). 

Lots to eat and explore.

Lots to eat and explore.

Like other things in life, this was hard at first, but then it got easier and we got empowered. Enlisting the 'if other people can do it, why not us' mentality, proved to be good motivation.


The reason we did this was Kev's family is genetically predisposed to high cholesterol, and at his most recent check up, the doctor recommended putting him on medication. At 25, eating what we generally consider to be "very heathy," his combined cholesterol was 260– sixty points higher than what is considered to be safe. Really crazy/scary, considering the first sign of a heart attack is a heart attack.


But instead of accepting being medicated for 3/4 of life on a drug that puts you at a higher risk for a slew of other things, (including cancer, which several family members have already had scares with), we decided to try another approach first.

Should be totally unacceptable. You get it.

Should be totally unacceptable. You get it.

We were already drinking the Kool-Aid on why animal products in excess could be harmful to long-term health (post on my fav books and documentaries coming soon), so figured we'd walk that talk and see what happened.


It was pretty cool. After three months of eating vegan, Kev's numbers dropped from 260 to 199, which the doctors had basically never seen, and put him back into the "safe" range for cholesterol. They told him to keep doing what he was doing, because besides medication, they'd never seen that kind of immediate progress. To us, that was worth any veggie burger. 

Even though  veggie burgers  can be damn delicious.

Even though veggie burgers can be damn delicious.

During those three months, we kept a food journal about the challenges and changes we experienced. I just came across it again today, and in Part 2 of this love story wanted to share our in-the-moment thoughts on what it felt like to be eating vegan for the first time. 


Annoying spoiler: It was real good.