Plants: A Love Story; Part 2

There are some vague, often pretentious descriptions out there in the world of what eating [vegan/insert diet] feels like. Hopefully, this isn't one of them.

As evidenced by this morning's [avocado parsley on rye] breakfast.

As evidenced by this morning's [avocado parsley on rye] breakfast.

Here's what we found.



- Fruits & vegetables literally burst with natural flavor once artificial ones are removed from your diet.

- Foods like pizza & meatballs & burgers are a lot more about the idea or essence of the dish as opposed to the ingredients, and can be just as enjoyable.

- Everything is packed with nutrition.

- Every recipe is a new adventure, which makes cooking more rewarding (and makes us better chefs).

- You eat outside of your original produce box, using a wide range of fruits and veggies with a wide range of flavors and textures (even transforming regular ones in different, exciting ways).

- Planning, prepping, and cooking each meal so mindfully becomes habit, and makes every bite of food rewarding and delicious.

- You really feel connected to your body, sustainably losing fat and gaining muscle as opposed to a quick diet.

- Your skin is clear and bright.



- This wasn't torturous. It was really challenging, but therefore really enjoyable.

- We missed meat and dairy the way you miss your favorite candy– when you think about it, it sounds delicious, but you're not sitting down to a meal and being upset it's not there.

- By learning to prep and shop smart, we actually saved lots of money on food, even buying the ingredients for all of our meals.

- We learned to listen to our bodies– sleeping/pooping/feeling well vs. weird, and being able to map that back to "what did I eat?"

- We aren't afraid to take on any recipe we come across.

- Even the less "healthy" foods (pasta, bread, desserts!) come with little guilt, because they're made with whole ingredients in our kitchen.


Plant-based is the first way of eating that's felt more intuitive than restrictive, and therefore something that's become a part of life, instead of defining it. To me, it's the ratios in our modern western diet that are out of whack, not necessarily the demonization or glorification of one food over another (did you know that almost everything that grows has antioxidants?). The balance that's worked best for us is sticking to vegan eating and cooking at home, but not worrying too much about it when we go out. 


To get a little charcuterie.