New York City, a list.


things I think about now:


don't fall into the subway. don't get bumped into the subway. don't drop your cell phone into the subway. don't get your foot caught between the platform and the train. (you will die.)


avoid eye contact in public. the air of privacy is what keeps everyone weird and free.


don't worry about what you look like or what you're doing. everyone's life is stranger than whatever monday you're possibly having. 


this is the best [insert any food] I have ever eaten.


packages are impossible to get delivered. me: can't you hide them behind my bushes? also me & UPS: lol 


how is brunch, literally, on menus, served from "11-6"


make sure the restaurant has a rating in the window. probably should be an A rating cause that one time you ate at a B place there were consequences.


these tiny dogs all have very important places that they are trying to get to, which do not seem to be where their owners are going.


flagship retail stores are amazing user and brand experiences and have all the sizes.


that's happening right there - that is where this is happening. in the world, this happens right there.


is that them filming broad city?????? (tbd)


when do we think this concept restaurant dedicated to instagrammable potato chips dipped into ice cream (real) will be un-trendy enough for us to not have to wait in line.


oh that is Jake Gyllenhaal. that is do not look that is Jake Gyllenhaal and he is oh he is sitting 5 FEET from your breakfast table with his mom and I bet they're talking about why Maggie couldn't be there and this must be the best jewish deli because he is jewish and I knew I had great taste.


Manhattan: the height of the human experience: 13 miles long, 2 miles wide, has to be the most incredible show of humanity there's ever been.